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Published by Bob on 14 Apr 2013

WOW! What a Difference a Year Makes…

In June 2011 I sent an email to my friends saying “goodbye” to Montana…

It took another 12 months – five and half tons of “stuff” to the dump – and finally giving away all my furnishings to the local thrift store (the only “furnishings I kept were a couple of office chairs!) to finally leave June 21, 2012 with a 17′ moving van loaded to the gills with my “essentials” with a car trailer strapped behind.

Three “harrowing days” later – there were times I was going five miles an hour trying to get over hills, etc – I arrived at my new home in Laguna Hills, California. Funny thing: When I sent my goodbye letter I had no idea where I was going to move – I just knew it was time and made a decision.

Here I am 10 months later – the emotional and physical adjustment to my new life now behind me.

It’s been surprising how many people assumed I used to live in California and had just moved back! To say I’ve been welcomed here with open arms would be an understatement. I’m just astonished I didn’t make this move 20 years ago – but obviously there were many lessons I’m so grateful that 20 years taught me. Lessons that helped me to recognize, realize and utilize the real life changing “secrets of life” I never would have discovered any other way.

First of all let me direct you to my new web site: Quantum Transcendence™. I’m now working directly with a growing number of clients who are determined to experience personal change. Together we are making history with the next natural evolution of Intentional Prosperity™ – instantaneous permanent change.

Please check out the new web site those of you who have been following these blog posts through the years are going to recognize the evolutionary nature of Quantum Transcendence™. It’s like I had to go through those dark days after my divorce in order to finally shake off the remnants of “old Bob” so I could fully embrace the man
I knew deep inside I could always be…

Now I’m honored to have been given a blank canvass in order to take the best of what I’ve learned and paint a new picture of what a life of joy and fulfillment can look like. Astonishingly, helping others learn how to paint their own pictures has enabled me to paint my own! Go figure! HA.

If you haven’t yet, let me know how you’re doing. Contact me by using the chat feature on the Intentional Prosperity home page – I check it everyday now – If you live in Orange County, California there may be a chance for us to work together on your dreams.

Published by Bob on 18 Apr 2011

Crossing The “Line of Insanity”

It’s a dangerous place you find yourself when the natural progression of
your journey into self-discovery takes you somewhere – you suddenly realize
- no one else seems to have been.

Is this the thin “line of insanity” everyone talks about?

Where your thinking, rationalizing and expecting has taken your life to a place you
didn’t expect. Ramifications you didn’t want to consider because the need to discover
where you were “going” became your primary focus.

Consider yourself lucky if you manage to find someone who actually understands how
you got to the new “place” even if they may not understand what the “place” is. At least
you have the potential of a conversation… Maybe some much needed validation.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Do I continue or back away?

Every artist has faced this when jumping off the cliff into the unknown
with his or her art. Going somewhere new without having any “ken of reference”
is both scary and thrilling… But, when it’s not music, paint or sculpting, et al,
and it’s your very experience of life – and you have no one to ask “what do
you think?”- because they have never thought about it…

The realization that you may be “the first” to begin the process of pondering (asking the question) – you find that the only person you can seek validation from is yourself…

Am I “nuts” because I can clearly “see” the natural evolution of a thought process
and contemplate the outcome before the “manifested thing, experience or relationship”
has even arrived? Or am I engaged in the very “process of manifestation” – by allowing
myself a choice of outcome and then expecting and rationalizing it into existence?

And what about the price?

In the end, one’s sanity may be solely judged by his or her ability to bridge the
space/time between fantasy and reality – with manifestation…

To what end?

Maybe the experience of life is simply for us to prove the validity of the fantasy as well as prove the “process of manifestation”… Maybe anything really is possible and once you “get it” you don’t have to prove it anymore.

Until then you’re stuck.

If you feel like something’s missing in your life you must read my article and watch my video “Something Is Missing”.

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Bob Baran

Published by Bob on 13 Apr 2011

When Feelings Trigger Nightmares

A good friend of mine just related a disturbing fact:

She was overcome with nightmares of a past abusive experience when recently faced with a decision to move forward in an area of personal growth.

My first reaction when she shared this information with me was to fire her therapist!

From my perspective and in my opinion, my friend has been kept in a psycho-analytical box that has done little to neutralize the “emotional resonance” of a traumatic experience going back over 40 years. And, my friend has been in “therapy” for many, many years…

Layers of rationale and justification have been created as a reaction to the event

The subsequent “therapy” has continued to build upon that mountain of rationale – rather than providing her with a methodology for adjusting and neutralizing the emotional impact of the event.

In other words, my friend has spent years in a course of therapy that has attempted to adjust her to living with the event as opposed to turning the event into a non-emotionally charged memory – breaking the “loop” of triggered reaction.

IE: An experience that can be “viewed” without emotion.

Which is what we ultimately categorize as a “normal memory”. It may not be a pleasant memory but it doesn’t cause trauma when “viewed” 40 years later. And, it doesn’t “haunt” our ability to make rational choices in our day-to-day life.

In the Intentional Prosperity System I spend a great deal of time explaining the phenomenon of “emotional ghosts” – the term I use for unresolved emotional memories – and how the “broad stroke of unresolved emotional memory” can be easily triggered by new situations which have nothing more in common with the traumatic memory than a “hint” of a similar “emotional flavor”…

The “triggering mechanism” is highly exaggerated in an individual who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

Think of a “radar” that is set to such a high sensitivity that a bird is “seen” as an incoming enemy missile with a nuclear warhead. That’s how even the “hint” of emotional resonance associated with a past traumatic event is processed and reacted to by someone with P.S.T.D.. Going to a full scale reaction of “10″ (on a scale of 1-10) when the reality of the situation would only justify a “1″ is typical. A bit of caution or a question – not a fight or flight response.

The net result of years of avoiding anything which triggers a “10 reaction” has created a box which my friend who is obviously very unhappy with several aspects of the life her 40 years of avoidance has created.

With so many well established emotion- neutralizing techniques available

-many which are covered in depth in the Intentional Prosperity System – it is painful to see a friend continue to suffer a life experience that comes short of real joy and fulfillment – because of a lack of understanding why emotional triggering takes place and how to minimize and “remove” the unresolved emotional trauma which continues to impact my friend’s life.

Emotional triggering that has over time become a highly rationalized and justified habit.

Avoiding anything that even remotely feels like the “resonance” of the original trauma – leaves one stuck in a reactive ego/personality and robs one from exploring the imagination and possibilities using discernment as the ultimate determination of “yes or no”.

For what it’s worth I’m a proponent of Cognitive Therapy. But, as in anything, you’ve got to find someone who really knows what they’re doing…

Too many of us know that our lives are missing something. I have an article and a video that focuses on why we feel that way and what we can do about it. Is something missing in your life?

On a lighter note: Here’s a video of “When Love Comes Again” from my new web site Our Special hope you enjoy! click here

-Bob Baran

Published by Bob on 07 Jan 2011

Facing Life In The Shadow Of Death…

Someone I know very well just told me his Doctor said he has an incurable brain tumor.

I was stunned, saddened and felt helpless when I heard this.

He is such a remarkable man. One of the few true renaissance men I’ve ever known. He’s mastered so many ways of expressing himself – an incredible intellect and a truly wise man… The real deal.

When I asked him how he felt, I was surprised at what he said:

“I’m so relieved and grateful and happy to be alive!” Of course I was shocked by his answer so I asked him to please explain…

He said the last few years he had been living a nightmare…

The Doctor explained that his tumor had been slowly growing over many years in an area of his brain neurologists thought had something to do with triggering the flight or fight response. The part of you that experiences the sensation of panic.

My friend said he was actually relieved because he knew something wasn’t right for a long time…

It wasn’t until his symptoms had recently progressed to the point of being obvious to his Doctor -strange metallic taste in his mouth and other anomalies – he thought that somehow he had a psychological problem that was haunting his life… And, destroying everything he cared about as he helplessly watched things spin out of control.

The worst was with his former wife.

Time after time he said he told her something wasn’t right. Many times he would try to tell her as he was experiencing the profound panic his tumor was causing him. He went on to say that her reaction was always strangely passive… Like she just didn’t “get it”.

“Maybe because of her own deep seated emotional trauma she thought I was somehow pointing a finger at her or attacking her… When I was literally pleading for help – I didn’t understand why I was feeling and acting the way I was acting – I remember telling her that so many times too…

One day she left and never came back… What I came to realize is that if she had really loved and believed in the real me – she wouldn’t have thrown me away. She would have known in her heart – “hey something is wrong – this isn’t the man I know and love”… And, maybe we could have understood at a much earlier point in time that there was a physical thing going on.

That’s why I’m relieved…”

He was relieved to finally know that there was a physical cause for his reactions.

When I asked him about his future – what the prognosis was – he said:

“I have a few weeks according to my Doctor”. When he said that – I could barely swallow.

“But, let me tell you what I believe and know: I don’t have a tumor. I was given a message in the form of a physical manifestation that I have the power to dissolve… I know this.”

I knew exactly what he was talking about.

He is a practitioner of the Law of Attraction and has a deep knowingness about what he believes is really possible.

“I sleep better, I’m calmer and happier – and when I saw the Doctor last week he gave me even more time because he said the progression of the tumor has seemed to stop… He was puzzled, couldn’t explain it – I just smiled”.

When he said that we both laughed – “I get it – it’s already working isn’t it”? …I said.

“Of course, there isn’t any medicine and they can’t operate – but something’s changing already.”

I can see it now – he’s gonna write a book and get on “Oprah” or something. He hasn’t told anyone about this except me.

“The last thing I want is people sending me some kind of pity vibe – and I’m not sure I’ll ever talk about this after it’s behind me. Maybe this is just some kind of personal test of how much I really believe what I believe. I’m focused on how incredible I feel and how vibrant and healthy my body is. I consciously don’t consider any other possible outcome.”

I was floored.

All the stupid things you can waste time and energy on. And my good friend shows me what “knowingness” really is. What real belief is. Not some cliche that makes you sound evolved – but what you accept as reality when you’re all alone facing life and death.

That’s when you see the truth of who you know you are

Maybe in some strange way – it was all about getting that shallow woman who really didn’t believe in him – out of his life. I’ll have to bring that up to him the next time I talk to him. When I did, you know what his answer was?

“Hey, the Universe always has your back!”

What he said suddenly jolted me awake… My eyes opened with a big smile on my face and joy in my heart. The damn metallic taste…

I know 2011 is going to be an incredible year!…

I’m so happy to be alive.

On a lighter note: Here’s a video of “When Love Comes Again” from my new web site Our Special hope you enjoy! click here

-Bob Baran

Published by Bob on 10 Nov 2010

In Your Next Relationship…

You will see yourself

Who you’ve just been – in your last relationship. You’ll see it fully revealed within the next person who comes into your life. Your next relationship will be more of a “mini life review” than anything else.

If you’ve truly “grown”

You’ll be astonished and humbled at how the Universe achieves balance – through the law of Karma. It will be like watching a movie – as you see so clearly through the actions of another – who you were – to the last person you had a relationship with.

Luckily, this time around you won’t be swept away and lost for a time…

The truth of yourself and the degree by which you’ve learned to trust yourself will quickly usher you through the experience unscathed, surprised, grateful and humbled.

However, if you failed to unwrap even a few layers of your ego since your last relationship – you will become swept away in the illusion that you’ve found “the one”…

You’ll tell yourself “This is love”…

And, as time goes on you’ll become the victim of everything you’ve avoided confronting in yourself. It will be as if you are having a relationship with a “mirror”…

This relationship will take it’s course over weeks, months or years – but it will come to an end..

When this relationship is over you’ll find yourself in the same place again:

Who you’ve just been in your last relationship – about to be revealed to you within the next person who comes into your life.

Pay attention this time.

On a lighter note: Here’s a video of “When Love Comes Again” from my new web site Our Special hope you enjoy! click here

-Bob Baran

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